CS-6264-O01/OCY/A: Information Security Labs: System and Network Defenses

This graduate-level course helps students develop both in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills in a number of important cybersecurity areas, including software security, malware, and threat analysis, end-point security, network security, web security, mobile security, and machine learning-based security analytics. The lecture materials of each topic area are drawn from the latest research papers and prototypes, and a comprehensive project is designed to help students master each area. The lecture materials explain the design principles of cutting-edge security tools, and the projects are designed to let students extend these tools. Most of the tools are in the open-source, and therefore, students can continue to build on and use these tools beyond this course. Recorded videos for on-line offering as part of OMSCS as well as OMS Cybersecurity.

CS-4262-A and CS-6262-O01/OCY/A: Network Security

Upper undergraduate-level and graduate-level course in network security with topics including large-scale attacks and impacts, penetration testing and security assessments, security of Internet protocols (IP, TCP, DNS, and BGP), advanced web security, advanced malware analysis, advanced network monitoring, Internet-scale threat analysis, bitcoins and crypto-currencies, big data and security, cloud security, and attack-tolerant systems. Continuously updated with new course materials drawing from research papers and projects developed by my Ph.D. students. Recorded videos for on-line offering as part of OMSCS as well as OMS Cybersecurity.

CS-6035-O01/OCY: Introduction to Information Security

Graduate-level introductory course in information security. It teaches the basic concepts, principles, and fundamental approaches to secure computers and networks. Its main topics include: security basics, security management and risk assessment, software security, operating systems security, database security, cryptography algorithms and protocols, network authentication and secure network applications, malware, network threats and defenses, web security, mobile security, legal and ethical issues, and privacy. Continuously updated with new materials covering the up-to-date threat models, attack methods, and new technologies and policy considerations. Recorded videos for on-line offering as part of OMS CS as well as OMS Cybersecurity.